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>Canvas8</a>’s next event on 20th June will welcome Andrew Keen, author of the international hit book Cult of the Amateur, and more recently, the social media exposé Digital Vertigo. Andrew will address the consequences of our connected world and provide a compelling counter-argument to grandiose social media claims. His unique interrogation is a cautionary tale for brands, forcing them to reconsider the legitimacy - and even necessity - of their social media campaigns.

Sir Martin Sorrell described Digital Vertigo as “one of the few books on the subject that, twenty years from now, will be seen to have got it right”.

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Canvas8 ‘No Straight Lines’ event

Thank you to everyone who attended Canvas8’s ‘No Straight Lines’ event last night – we’ve already had some fantastic feedback. 

Our first speaker, Alan Moore, talked about the need for brands to rethink existing business models in a rapidly changing world. Our second speaker, Faisel Rahman, provided a refreshing and compelling example of how this can be done practically.

A quick summary of the main points:

-         We are moving from a linear to a non-linear world. Traditional economic models and organisational structures are being questioned. We are at a pivotal point, with an opportunity to engineer a better future.

-         Alan described the need to embrace ambiguity, openness and adaptiveness, as well as the importance of participatory tools, craftsmanship and ‘epic wins’.

-         Faisel spoke about how his company, Fair Finance, is subverting existing rules and assumptions, and moving away from inflexible business models towards more inclusive, open and adaptive practices.

-         There is a need to create a better way of doing business by placing an emphasis upon human relationships, trust and community.

We also hope to have video from the event available soon, so please keep an eye on the Canvas8 blog over the next week or so.

Canvas8 works alongside Alan Moore and other thought leaders to provide breakfast briefings and workshops. For further information, please contact olly@canvas8.com.

We’d love your feedback on the event – you can send us your thoughts via Twitter (@canvas8), via the blog or e-mail lynsey@canvas8.com.

 We look forward to seeing you all again at our next event.